Advisory, Assurance, Tax, Accounting & Outsourcing Solutions to help businesses and organisations grow systematically

We are enthusiastic to share our expertise and knowledge, we provide adequate technology and useful resources to help organizations do business in the competitive and dynamic business world.

Our professional staff combination majorly has experience of working with a team of right talent, growth-oriented professionals are creating space organically & inorganically.

SW India has pan India presence covering all major cities. We continue to add new & innovative service line and solutions to ensure we match & sustain our growth with changing times.


SW India is a member firm of SW International, one of the most influential and integrated professional services organization in the globe with diversified capabilities.

SW is a fast-expanding professional services network of experts in key locations around the world. As the only extensive international network with deep roots in the Asia Pacific, we are the gateway between the world’s largest economies and the rest of the globe. With our experience in navigating intricate local markets, we thrive on creating transnational growth opportunities for both our clients and our people.

Our global revenues of the year of 2020 reached approximately USD 533 million. We are ranked 19th in terms of fee income and 17th in terms of total headcount among all top 30 networks globally according to the World Survey 2020 of International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

With an aim to improve global ranking from being amongst top 20 globally to top 15 globally, the organization with over 30 years of development and international expansion pursues and thrives new opportunities every day.

Our Mission

At SW, our purpose is to help our clients and people grow and succeed by delivering the best quality and results. Through helping businesses mitigate risks and create opportunities, we bring positive, sustainable change for our clients, people and communities at large.

Our Vision

SW aspires to create opportunities to establish the brand in local markets and for the network to expand on an international level. Through leading by example and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels of the network, we are dedicated to taking the initiative to find and invest in niche untapped markets, and we are not afraid to take risks and go wherever growth is.

Building on our skills and learning about the latest possibilities, we strive for being a truly international professional services provider with unrivalled expertise in identifying and capturing opportunities for transnational growth, so as to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Our Brand Values

  • Honest
  • Respectful
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Positive
  • Open

SW always aims at inspiring others to think differently and face challenges with an optimistic attitude. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for our clients, while underscore our core culture of working in unity and team spirit. We also advocate mutual support among our people in order to maintain a healthy, robust and harmonic working environment.

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