Foreign Higher Educational Institutions are allowed to setting up campus and operation of campuses in India

In line with the National Education Policy, 2020, University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued
regulations on the setting up and operation of campuses by Foreign Higher Educational Institutions
(FHEIs) in India. The regulations aim is to internationalize higher education in India.
Offering & Criteria
These regulations empower FHEIs to offer certificate, diploma, degree, research, and other programs at
the undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels. The eligibility criteria for FHEIs is
to secure a position in the top 500 overall category of global rankings or to secure a position in top 500
in the subject-wise category of global rankings at the time of application. In case of collaboration, each
FHEI should independently meet the eligibility criteria.
Approval & Application
The approval process involves a detailed application along with an undertaking that FHEIs will ensure
the quality of education, and the qualifications awarded in India shall be equivalent to those from the
main campus in the home jurisdiction. Such application along with prescribed documents will be filed
online on UGC portal. The detailed application will then be assessed by a Standing Committee, and an
approval shall be granted within sixty days, requiring the FHEIs to set up campuses in India within two
years from the date of approval. The regulations cover admission processes, fee structures, faculty
recruitment autonomy, and other operational aspects.
It is an understanding that these regulations will also apply where FHEI enters into a joint venture with
Indian Higher Educational Institution.
Conditions to comply
General conditions outline guidelines for program offerings, financial resources, infrastructure, and
compliance with relevant acts. The regulations are as follows:

  • The FHEI shall not admit students and collect fees unless approval is received to set up campus.
  • The regulation prohibits online and distance learning programs and lectures in online mode not
    exceeding ten per cent of the programme requirements may be allowed.
  • The qualifications awarded to the students in the Indian campus shall enjoy the same recognition
    and status as if they were conducted in its home jurisdiction.
  • The qualifications awarded under these regulations shall be equivalent to any corresponding
    degree awarded by the Indian Higher Educational Institution for all purposes.
  • The FHEI shall present their adequacy of financial and other resources required for establishing
    and operating its campus in India.
  • The FHEI shall not offer any such programme of study which is contrary to the standards of higher
    education in India.
  • The FHEI shall undergo a quality assurance audit and submit the report to the Commission
    Non-compliance with these regulations may lead to cancellation or suspension of approval.

Further, the FHEI shall be required to submit an audit report to UGC certifying that the operations are
following Exchange Control Regulations (FEMA) and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA).
Additionally, the regulations also provide for annual reporting, maintenance of accounts, and
mechanisms for addressing student grievances. The Commission retains the power to resolve disputes
and interpret the regulations, with courts in India having exclusive jurisdiction. The overall goal is to
facilitate the entry of higher-ranked FHEIs into India, enhancing the international dimension of higher
education and making India an attractive global study destination.