Relaxation of time lines for various Income Tax Compliances

Taking into consideration the hurdles faced by the taxpayers due to Covid-19, CBDT vide its Circular no. 9/2021 dated 20.05.2021 has extended various due dates of compliances. A gist of extended due dates stands as follows:

S. No.ParticularsOriginal Due dateExtended Due date
1Filing of Statement of Financial Transaction for FY 2020-21as per the Rule 114E of Income Tax Rules, 1962.31.05.2021
2Filing of Statement of Reportable Account as per Rule 114G of Income Tax Rules, 1962.31.05.2021
3Filing of Statement of Deduction of Tax (Form 24Q, 26Q and 27Q) for Quarter 4 of FY 2020-2131.05.2021
4Filing of TDS/TCS book adjustment statement in Form 24G for the month of May 202115.06.202130.06.2021
5Generation of TDS certificates (Form no 16) for employees.15.06.202115.07.2021
6Filing of Statement of deduction of Tax for the contribution paid by the Trustees of an superannuation fund for FY 2020-
7Filing of Statement of Income Paid or Credited by an investment fund to its Unit Holder in Form No. 64D for FY 2020-2115.06.202130.06.2021
8Filing of Statement of Income Paid or Credited by an investment fund to its Unit Holder in Form No. 64C for FY 2020-2130.06.202115.07.2021
9Filing of Return of Income for assessment year 2021-22 u/s 139(1) which original date was 31.07.202131.07.202130.09.2021
10Filing of Audit Report, due date of which was 30.09.202130.09.202131.10.2021
11Filing of report by person who has entered into international transaction or specified domestic as per section 92E31.10.202130.11.2021
12Filing of Return of Income by the person whose accounts are required to be audited, due date of which was 31.10.202131.10.202130.11.2021
13Filing of Return of Income by the person who are required to furnish report u/s 92E of the Income Tax Act, 1961, due date of which was 30.11.202130.11.202131.12.2021
14Filing of Belated/Revised Return for AY 2021-22, due date of which was 31.12.202131.12.202131.01.2022

Clarification 1 to above extensions: It shall be pertinent to mention that in case, where due dates of filing Return of Income has extended, the provision of section 234A shall be applicable irrespective of extended due dates, which means interest for late filing of return of income shall still be applicable as same which was earlier. Only relief from late filing fees u/s 234F is available to the taxpayers.

Clarification 2 to above extensions: Further, in case of individual taxpayer, who has income chargeable under head PGBP and below age of 60 years, the tax paid by them u/s 140A (i.e. self-assessment tax) with in due date mentioned in Income Tax Laws (without the relief of extension provided in the circular) shall be deemed to be advance tax.

Source: CBDT Circular No. 9/2021

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